Gambling, Revolutionized.

Is an automated gambling strategy for SatoshiHill.


Innovate features for an effortless user experience


We offer 24/7 support with staff members that know what they are doing, helping our customers with any issue they come across.

Recovery System

CrashScript has a smart recovery system, so after a long lossing streak the target will decrease making it more likely for you to win.


CrashScript works with both big and small bankrolls. The bigger the bankroll, the higher are the chances of you winning.


CrashScript is extremely easy to use, and will start and run in just a few clicks.


Have questions? We have answers

What’s CrashScript’s pricing structure?

CrashScript is currently priced at $25 and after buying it you will receive lifetime access.

What’s CrashScript’s pricing structure?

Even though most of our customer end up making profit, gambling can not be predicted so therefore we do not guarantee profit all of the times.

Where can I contact you for support?

For help with any issue or question you can contact us on telegram @crashscript

Will I get access to features added in the future?

All updates to CrashScript come at no additional cost to you.

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